Everything Put Together Falls Apart
20:49"Stop paying superficial lip service to intersectionality, white feminists. It is insulting and strips the power from one of the most important concepts in the politics of gender liberation. If you can’t take a stand against racism you have no business calling yourself intersectional for feminist brownie points. I can’t listen to a white feminist who coos about her love of bell hooks but dismisses the words of a woman of colour she knows on the subject of race.

When will white feminists take collective responsibility for educating themselves? When will they understand the power at play that sings in their skins? We don’t exist in a vacuum and women of colour don’t exist to hold their hands and explain in painful detail why their behaviour continues to hurt us. Intersectional feminist politics are not for white women to co-opt as their own. It is explicitly a theory that was formed from the mind of a Black woman, Kimberlé Crenshaw, to explain Black women’s situations, as they were ignored by the white-centric feminist movement and simultaneously by the male-centric civil rights movement. I cannot speak for every Black woman, and I would never profess to. We are not a monolith. But I think we ought to stand wary of a white woman who calls herself intersectional. You won’t listen to us and you will exclude us from your movement but you will take the ideas you like?

" — Kesiena Boom for Autostraddle in this incredible essay, “It’s Time for White Feminists to Stop Talking About Solidarity and Start Acting”

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family dinners more like


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Beyoncé | Partition

Jay-Z & Linkin Park | Numb / Encore


me as a world cup commentator: *brings up colonialism and genocide for every european team that plays*

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Māori Proverb


Māori Proverb: Kāore te kumara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka.
Translation: The kumara (sweet potato) does not speak of its own sweetness.
Meaning: You ain’t all that.

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Pan across the Tarantula Nebula

This star-forming region of ionised hydrogen gas is in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small galaxy which neighbours the Milky Way. It is home to many extreme conditions including supernova remnants and the heaviest star ever found. The Tarantula Nebula is the most luminous nebula of its type in the local Universe.
Credit: NASA, ESA



"who cares about representation in video games, video games are meant for escapism"

how exactly is it escapism to switch from a world where white cis men are in charge to…….. a world where white cis men are in charge

also what does that say about you when you want to “escape” to a world completely devoid of poc and women

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One of my favorite things to see is random people trying to interact with unfamiliar outdoor cats. Just standing there with a hand out, making kissy noises, maybe meowing at the cat while it ignores them. Mankind at its best and least dignified

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Justin Timberlake | (Another Song) All Over Again